Understanding Damage Contractors

Do you understand how damage contractors operate? Many people do not have a good understanding of the industry. This lack of knowledge can cause confusion when people need to use the services offered by damage contractors. Before I hired a team of damage contractors, I didn't know the first thing about damage contractors. Thankfully, the blokes who came to repair my damaged home took the time to fully explain their role and the work they would be carrying out. Over a couple of weeks when the team were working on the job, they also gave me lots of top tips and advice

General Pointers Regarding Restumping Your Home


Are you planning to have your house restumped? If so, here are some general pointers.

Restumping a House

Many homes have timber stumps, which eventually fail and need replacing. The stumps may be rotting or termite-infested. Sometimes, the stumps sink into the soil because the earth is unstable. This can happen over time, or it may be due to natural disasters such as floods or droughts.

To replace the stumps, the house will be jacked up and supported while the old stump is removed and the new one is put in. The new stumps may be set into the existing holes, which could be dug deeper. Usually, a soil analysis will be undertaken to help work out the best strategy for making the house stable.

If the building is low to the ground, it can be harder for the contractors to excavate the stumps, and they may need to remove the floorboards to gain access.

Partial or Full House Restumping

You can either partially restump your house, which involves replacing several stumps in close proximity, or you can fully restump the entire building.

The contractors will investigate the situation and advise on what is needed. The problem with partial restumping is that you may need another one in a few years for the rest of the house. On the other hand, a full restumping will cost more, but you can be assured that the foundations won't likely need work for a very long time.

Signs of Foundation Problems

A routine inspection can uncover the deterioration of the foundation. Sometimes you can tell that a problem exists by the signs of instability inside your house. For example, the windows may jam or the doors may get stuck in the door frame. These issues can happen when one side of a house sinks and the windows and doors, therefore, aren't plumb.

Other signs of foundation problems are cracks in the wall or a feeling of sponginess when you walk over the floor. If you notice such signs, you should have the house inspected, as further damage to the walls could occur otherwise. Also, the building may be unsafe.

Restumping Materials

You can choose from different materials when replacing the stumps. One possibility is treated hardwood timber. Another is steel-reinforced concrete, and another is galvanised steel. The advantage of concrete and steel is that they don't attract termites or rot, so they generally last longer.

For more information about house restumping, contact a local company.



30 May 2023