Understanding Damage Contractors

Do you understand how damage contractors operate? Many people do not have a good understanding of the industry. This lack of knowledge can cause confusion when people need to use the services offered by damage contractors. Before I hired a team of damage contractors, I didn't know the first thing about damage contractors. Thankfully, the blokes who came to repair my damaged home took the time to fully explain their role and the work they would be carrying out. Over a couple of weeks when the team were working on the job, they also gave me lots of top tips and advice

Is Your Outdoor Balcony Still Fit for Purpose?


Many properties, especially those that are near to the coast, feature an external balcony so that the occupants can enjoy the surrounding vista. These balconies can be a pleasant place to enjoy a nice afternoon, but you must ensure that they are kept in good repair, especially when you consider the risks involved. If it's been some time since you inspected your balcony (and certainly if you happen to live by the seaside) what should you be looking for?

Spalling Alert

Heat, humidity and regular rainfall can be quite a combination when it comes to reinforced concrete. While the structure in question may have been well-constructed and the balcony built "to code," issues can still begin with the exposed steel and find their way into the concrete beneath. This could be particularly problematic if the steel fencing had not been maintained well over the years and in the worst-case scenario, can lead to the development of "spalling," which is dangerous.

Spalling is the consequence of corrosion that has made its way into the slab and challenged the integrity of the balcony. Properties that are adjacent to the ocean are even more at risk due to the presence of salt in the air, and this can also affect the fixtures and fittings that hold everything in place, such as bolts, plates, nuts or screws.

Additional Worries

Some people may introduce furniture and other peripherals to their balcony, which can have an adverse effect should the substructure be questionable. After all, some of these additions (like a terracotta plant pot) can be very heavy and will put the balcony under even more stress in this type of situation.


  • Inspect your balcony very carefully before the outdoor season arrives.
  • When it rains, check to see if any water tends to pool in one place and sit without running away.
  • Are the handrails or balustrades in good condition, or do they exhibit signs of rust by themselves?
  • Does this rust seem to run into the structure itself and can you see any evidence of cracking in that area?
  • Look at the balcony from underneath and check to see if you can see any signs of rust on its surface, as this can often be a tell-tale sign of spalling within.

Taking Action

Should you have any worry at all, bring in a concrete repairs company before you do anything else. They will be able to help you effect repairs so that you can get back to normal and enjoy the outdoor life again.


19 February 2019