4 Signs You Need Foundation Underpinning


Your foundation does the integral job of holding up your home, but in some cases, it needs a bit of extra help. In particular, you may need to talk with a contractor about foundation underpinning. This process involves repairing your original foundation and adding extra supports to it. Here are the four major signs that you may need this work. 1. You Want More Depth in Your Basement Do you have a crawl space that you want to turn into a basement?

19 January 2019

Two situations in which you should have a damage contractor demolish your building


If you own a building that you want to demolish, there are certain situations in which it may be best to arrange for a damage contractor to do this work, instead of performing the building demolition process yourself. Continue reading to find out what these situations are. The building features a structurally unsound framework If the framework of the building that you want to have demolished has been declared structurally unsound by a structural engineer, then it is best to arrange for an experienced damage contractor to demolish it.

14 January 2019